Psychologist lic. phil I, Master of Science (Focus Social-psychology and Economic Sciences)
diploma for primary teacher

Several years' experience as a primary and secondary teacher

Since 1996 working in market research business
1996-2004 Project Manager at Ernest Dichter SA
Since 2004 Partner and Senior Project Manager at Dichter Research AG

Qualitative and quantitative research, moderation of in-depth interviews and focus groups, analysis of the results, writing of market research reports.
Psychological market research-, image and typology studies from the communications (advertising, PR), health, nutrition, food, leisure, telecommunications, energy, construction industry,
industry, and insurance sectors.


Thomas Bucher

Member of the Management

DICHTER RESEARCH AG, Motivational, Marketing and Market Research, Stauffacherstrasse 27, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland, Tel. +41 (0)43 810 09 09, info@dichter.ch