The name DICHTER goes back to the founder:

Ernest Dichter was born in Vienna in 1907 and died in New York in 1991. In 1946 he opened the Institute for Motivational Research in Croton-on-Houdson, N.Y.

As the founder of Motivational Research he made a huge name for himself through his revolutionary studies about Plymouth vehicles from the Chrysler-Group, Ivory Soap from the company Procter & Gamble and through a survey about the readers of Esquire Magazine.

He became known worldwide through the socio-critical best-seller „The Hidden Persuaders" by Vance Packard.

1947 Inauguration of the Institute for Motivational, Marketing and Market Research in Zürich.

„To ladies, don't sell shoes. Sell them sexy feet."

Ernest Dichter, Motivational Researcher

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