Personnel Resources

  • 5 project managers

  • Very experienced, psychologically trained internal moderators (Swiss German)

  • Native speaker partner for moderation in the French and Italian speaking part

  • 10 highly qualified interviewers for special interviews

  • 100 CATI workspaces at our call centre partners

  • 100 freelancers for face-to-face interviews (D-CH, F-CH, I-CH)

  • Cost-effective professional simultaneous translators

  • Long-lasting Swiss partnerships for cati and online-surveys


  • Discussion room (22.5m2, air-conditioned)

    • Laptop, beamer, screen

    • Magnetic wall to attach testing material

    • Professional stands for shelving and sales simulations (4m2)

  • Monitoring room (15m2, air-conditioned) with ONE-WAY MIRROR (3.00m x 1.10m, soundproof)

  • Separate room for technique and interpreters

    • Video and audio records in two language versions

  • Worldwide video streaming via Focus Vision

Our facility can also be rented. Prices available upon request.

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